Volvo Driver Support Guide

Modern Volvo Cars offer great driving pleasure and safety with the Driver Support option. However, functions contained vary significantly between series and Model Years. Submit your questions for me to answer with free clarifying tables.

Driver Support Controls and Indicators in front of driver of a Volvo XC60 MY2015
Four active Driver Support functions in a Volvo XC60 MY2015. 1:BLIS, 2:ACC a) set speed b) leading vehicle speed c) actual speed, 3) time lag behind leading vehicle, 4:RSI. Text in upper right corner is in Swedish informing about the contents and its 23rd position in the Christmas Calendar of 2015. Separate photo (clicking on photo leads to post in Swedish)

The Driver Support option was introduced by Volvo in Model Year 2009 of the XC60 SUV. Since then, the DS package has been extended with new functions and improved performance varying between manufacturing weeks and model series.  Fortsätt läsa “Volvo Driver Support Guide”

Ignorant use of black box data prevents car safety development

Hazard detection and safety development is threatened by driver-blaming use of recorded pre-crash data from cars involved in accidents. Inhuman system properties remain undetected, if reconstructions focus on individual guilt.

The Nightly News video clip below and its transcript indicates a belief that “making cars safer” is a simple and reactive task to be carried out by “police and insurance companies” after accidents.

Nothing is said about multi-causal analyses and inter-disciplinary syntheses for proactive educational, technical and organizational improvements in the road traffic system.

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The public and authority attitude to accident “causes” seems embarrasingly equal to that of witchcraft centuries ago. Safety-irrelevant but illegal or immoral deviations from normal behaviour are alleged to blame an individual for accidental damage, though it is unintentional by definition.

Thereby, complex interactions and unknown hazards in the biological, technical and social systems may remain unknown to strike other individuals in various future combinations.

Thanks, Scott Baker, for sharing the video
in the LinkedIn Group Accident Reconstruction.

Princess Diana killed by common police car manoeuvre?

Speeding and drunk driving does not automatically make you crash. A common police car following manoeuvre may better explain the directional deviation and crash killing the princess in August, 1997.

Video illustrating the PIT-manoeuvre used by the US Police to destabilize a car:
Further explanations in the (Swedish) post
Knuffen som stoppar bilmarodörer 
Republished referring to DN and Sky News August 17, 2013 and PDF report.

Truck accident reconstruction

This is a brief version of my reconstruction in Swedish.

Time counter numbers below refer to this video (opens in new window)
recorded by Ms. Gunn Iren Johnsrud and broadcast via TV2 in Norway.

1) Downhill slope forced driver to brake
– brake-light here at counter time 00:00:28 seconds

2) Snow-chains only on tractor rear right wheel. See TV2 photos on

3) Road banking applied gravity side forces irresistible to (braked) front wheels.
Tracks in snow deviate to right (00:00:35) – though driver steers left:
see front wheel at 00:00:34, 35 and 38 seconds

4) Superior braking and side forces on tractor rear right wheel add to clockwise moment (turning tractor to right) irrespective of driver’s full left steering.

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