Truck accident reconstruction

This is a brief version of my reconstruction in Swedish.

Time counter numbers below refer to this video (opens in new window)
recorded by Ms. Gunn Iren Johnsrud and broadcast via TV2 in Norway.

1) Downhill slope forced driver to brake
– brake-light here at counter time 00:00:28 seconds

2) Snow-chains only on tractor rear right wheel. See TV2 photos on

3) Road banking applied gravity side forces irresistible to (braked) front wheels.
Tracks in snow deviate to right (00:00:35) – though driver steers left:
see front wheel at 00:00:34, 35 and 38 seconds

4) Superior braking and side forces on tractor rear right wheel add to clockwise moment (turning tractor to right) irrespective of driver’s full left steering.

Observations possible thanks to TV2, making important data and HD-video public.

Lennart Strandberg        (LinkedIn profile)
Professor emeritus, Linkoping University

Reconstruction second-by-second
(posted in Swedish April 3) on
Direct link (opens in new window)


The post above in English was uploaded to this Swedish blog due to coding incompatibility of  the text in my comments* on YouTube. Visitors arriving here that way are kindly requested to click on the following link for transfer to

Truck accident reconstruction page

… offering more details in Swedish

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